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Nursing Job Application: What Your Cover Letter Must Reflect


The search for qualified nurses continues. Nurses remain to be the heart of health facilities all over America. As more Americans become subject to healthcare treatments, so does nursing continue to be an in-demand occupation.

Have you been driven to pursue a career in the nursing industry? Are you yet to get on your shoes and begin the job hunt? It pays to know that there are some things you can hardly go without – reliable experiences, quality educational background, resume, cover letter.

Speaking of a cover letter, consider it your passport to the nursing industry. How you present this passport will either grant you or rob you of a flourishing future. So as you journey to owning a nursing career, strive to impress employers with your cover letter by making it a reflection of these 4 things about you:

  • Fervor to Serve

    A striking, heart-winning cover letter is one that powerfully displays your passion for the job. Put that passion into writing and convince employers of your heart for the industry, as well as your desire to serve. Let your heart speak straight to theirs, making sure that your message is vividly expressed and understood.

  • Familiarity with the Company

    As you write for the company, give short indications of your knowledge about it – that you are familiar with what it does, why it exists, you know relevant information about it, and how it operates. Employers see it a plus factor when they are assured that you are familiar with their company. It pays when you don’t stand as a complete stranger.

  • Fitness for the job

    In your letter, sell yourself well that employers could hardly say no to you. Let your words prove your capabilities. Show how and why you are fit for the specific job vacancy. Let them get the message as well that you understand what things are expected of you. Be careful, though, not to seemingly regurgitate what you’ve written on your resume. Nevertheless, don’t hold back in creating an impressive image of you; after all, it’s a job passport you personally own.

  • Features That Define You

    Character matters to every employer. Let them catch a glimpse of your fascinating attributes, leaving them in awe of you. You don’t necessarily have to compose all your qualities in words; sometimes, just by simply observing your writing, employers can identify what kind of a person is represented by the voice in that letter.

Job hunting is a no-joke, challenging journey for every career seeker. Fortunately, Nursing on Demand, Inc., a Nurse Staffing Agency in Jacksonville, FL, effectively bridges qualified nursing professionals to understaffed health institutions. More than helping fill job vacancies, it is our standard to find the right professionals who can easily adapt to a work culture of a health facility. Compromising the quality of health services are out of our priorities as a Medical and Health Staffing Recruitment Agency.

Your job search can be more fulfilling with us! Browse through for more information.

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