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Healthcare Jobs in Florida

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  • Nurse Staffing
    Are you looking for a nurse that is experienced? Highly adaptable to different environment settings? Who is passionate, caring, and empathetic to deliver the best services? Then, work with us! We only hire the best of the best people so that all your immediate nurse staffing needs are met. You will never have to worry about where to source the people you would fill in your 4, 13, or even that 26-week staff gaps.
  • Physical-Speech-OCC Therapy Staffing
    Not only do we have a good selection of nurses which you can hire, but we also have a pool of therapist who stands ready to extend their services just when you want to. We have a physical therapist to help you out in your client’s immediate and long-term recovery needs, as well as a speech therapist who can assist your clients with speaking difficulties. These professionals are highly trained to be adaptable to work in various settings.
  • Allied Health Staffing
    You do not have to worry about sacrificing all your health services because Nursing on Demand, Inc. will provide to you the unique allied health staffing services that you want to have. We have a full spectrum of allied health professionals in various specialties as well as capabilities who can immediately come in whenever you have staff gaps. We will assess your needs so that you will get the right combination of allied health professionals who can staff your facility in order that you can serve your clients better.
  • MD, DO, Medical Director
    When you are looking for medical doctors or doctors of osteopathy, then you are certainly in the right place! We have a good number of licensed physicians that will help you out in the management of your medical organization. As you partner with us, you will gain entry to the world of medical professionals who are diverse and skilled such that you will be saved from the hassles of recruitment. You can be assured that all our medical professionals can easily transition seamlessly to your current workforce.
  • Administration
    We also have staff and professionals that have backgrounds in terms of managing the kind of facility budgets you currently have, the present medical technologies that you are operating, as well as the current health care system that you are practicing. This can be your guide in the administrative function of your current hospital facility so that you can deal better with the usual challenges such as the emergence of new technologies, high leaves of absences, staffing mismatch, and even census fluctuations.
  • Career Opportunities
    Grow with us! There are a lot of exciting career opportunities that are waiting for you! We will easily link you up with the right employer through our innovative workforce application. You can easily transition in the process of recruitment and hiring so that you will immediately meet your employer and gain a chance to expand your professional career.
  • Travel Nurse Staffing
    We only screen and pool travel nurse with your company in mind! That is why we are always committed to recruiting nurses that are pre-screened to meet the set minimum of requirements our clients are looking for. With our pre-screening tool, you will be saved from the hassles of reference checks, training, as well as recruitment process. Thus, when you are having a hard time filling all your travel nurse staffing needs, then we are here to cater to your demands. Our pool or travel nurse is the best that you will ever come to meet!
  • In-Home Patient Care
    Our growing number of health professionals are not just adept at working together with big health facilities. We have a number of caregivers, vocational nurses, attendants, and medical social workers that are capable of delivering excellent in-home patient care. Trust that you get the best value for your money when you ask for our services!

Are the services you have been looking for not listed above? Well, there are upcoming services that we are developing to cater to the growing demands of our clients. Get to know what else can we serve you with, so you will enjoy the hassle-free search for the right health professionals you can immediately tap.

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